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Facility and Office Hours

At this time, our facility remains closed for large gatherings, following the recommendations of the WI Council of Churches, the NW Synod of Wisconsin of the ELCA , the Dunn County Health Department, and local medical experts. Please contact the church office if you need access, or if your small group or committee wishes to meet in the facility. Your OSL staff continues to work to provide support, care, worship opportunities, and resources to support you and care for our greater community.

You are welcome to call or email your OSL staff at any time, and as you are able, we welcome your continued financial support through online giving or through the mail.

Resources and Volunteer Opportunities

Click here for up-to-date Covid-19 Local Mental Health Resources

Click here for up-to-date Volunteer Opportunities.

Worship and Ministry Update

We continue to worship together via our Radio Broadcast on Sundays at 10:40 AM on AM880 WMEQ and through iHeartRadio. In addition, many new online worship opportunities will continue to be made available to you.

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