Our Savior’s Women have been a strong and vital force since the very beginning (for 150 years!). Throughout the years, various women’s groups have served as an effective means to provide:

  • social activities
  • religious education
  • educational programs for both social and community issues
  • service opportunity for members
  • financial support for various mission projects as well as the church
  • meals and hospitality for funerals and other food ministries
  • handmade quilts for ELCA World Relief and local charities like Stepping Stones
  • health and school kits for ELCA World Relief and local charities
  • handmade mittens, hats and scarfs for area schools
  • annual Norwegian Meatball and Christmas bake sales (currently suspended due to COVID)

To learn more or be involved in any our OSL Women’s Ministries, contact the church office or visit us on our Facebook Page!